We are an Enterprise 4.0

Our Story

Amiral Technologies is a spin-off of the French National Research Centre CNRS.  Its innovation is the result of 10 years in academic research in Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Control Theory. Its technology revolutionizes the processing of IIoT data for critical, complex and high value-added industrial sectors. 

At the heart of its innovation is its Automatic Feature Generation algorithm for industrial time series, whatever their nature. This innovation allows Amiral Technologies to bring to market high performance predictive models able to learn with little or no historical failure data. They are quick to adapt to the needs of our industrial customers and their specific equipment context.

Our Mission

Towards a future Digital Industry with Zero Defect and Zero Downtime! With our powerful and high performance Failure Prediction models, we will maximize the equipment availability and optimize maintenance costs.

We create value for our customers thanks to:

1. Embedded AI

2. Intelligent automation

3. Novel failure prediction solution for IIoT-enabled equipment

4. Unique datasets

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