Prediction of aircraft engine failure: use case

Context Engines of the same category are produced in large quantities. They all have the same structure and theoretical lifespan, however, during use, each motor is used in different contexts and its actual remaining lifespan is different from the others. Need Prediction of the remaining life of turbofan engines based on training data from 218 […]

Wear prediction for automotive parts: use cases

Context The device under analysis consists of a moving part with a rubber element cleaning a fixed part. The rubber element bears all the friction and is subject to wear after each movement. As the level of wear increases, the quality of the cleaning process deteriorates. Need The customer wanted to automatically measure the wear […]

Fault detection for gas compressors: use cases

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Context The customer has a large number of gas compressors, and wants to make sure that several of them will not break down at the same time. He therefore wants to know with a certain degree of accuracy, how long it will take for a given compressor to break down. Need The customer wants to […]

Monitoring a medium-voltage circuit-breaker: use case

Context The customer wanted to monitor a medium-voltage circuit-breaker, as it could be installed on a critical site. The customer wanted to market DiagFit to its own customers to increase product attractiveness. The customer wanted to sell hardware in addition to a digital solution like DiagFit. Need The customer wanted a non-intrusive Edge solution and […]

Automatic sensor failure detection on an acoustic test bench: use case

Context The customer had a large number of microphones (over 100) installed on its acoustic test bench. These microphones were being measured at high sampling rates over a long period of time, so the probability of a transducer problem was high. It was difficult to examine each sensor by hand. Need Automatic failure detection was […]

On-line detection of automotive leaf spring defects: use case

Context The failure of leaf springs installed on trucks or trains can lead to serious accidents. Need The customer wanted to estimate the health indicator that was high before braking, based on vibration measurement: 2 accelerometers placed on each side of the leaf spring, not synchronized. Solution DiagFit proposed a 3-state default detection system: green […]

Cryopump failure prediction: use case

Context As part of its nuclear fuel production activities, the customer used a boron deposition process which required cryopumps to maintain a vacuum in a chamber. These pumps were subject to progressive degradation which could trigger deficient cycles, destabilizing the vacuum generated and therefore the entire boron deposition process. The customer was looking to implement […]

Automatic sensor failure detection for test flights: use case

Context An aircraft measures a lot of signals, and the customer was having difficulty examining each sensor by hand. There are 3 different use cases: Need The customer needed automatic failure detection to enable rapid remeasurement. Solution DiagFit was used in offline mode to detect anomalies. Results 100% of anomalies were detected on 3 different […]

Primary circuit valves: use case

Context The valve was instrumented and tested on a test bench. Two types of cycles, full and partial strokes. Anomalies were artificially produced by over-tightening certain parts of the valve. Need The customer wanted to detect deficient cycles when certain parts were over-tightened. Solution DiagFit detected the deficient cycles. Results TNR = True negative rate […]

Blind failure detection on water injection pumps: use case

Context The customer wanted to study 2 water injection pumps which inject water under pressure to extract oil. Several operating modes were available, but only the stationary mode was to be studied. Need The customer wanted to detect and anticipate mechanical seal failures. By anticipating a pump failure, it would be possible to stop it […]