The press talks about Amiral Technologies !

Amiral Technologies recently made several appearances in the media. The press talks about the startup, which continues to gain notoriety for its innovation in predictive maintenance.

First in march, L’Usine Digitale published an article about Amiral Technologies on the sidelines of the IOT, IA and Robotics trade 2019 SIDO event in Lyon. The startup exposed its technology on April 10th and 11th. Katia Hilal, CEO and co-founder clarifies several points in relation to her technology aimed to create  “A zero defect and zero fault industry”. The media also exposes future projects as well as the company’s aspiration to accelerate its development. Click here to read the article

In may, she also answered to questions in the n° 745 Polytechnique alumni magazine: La Jaune et la Rouge. She explained the positioning genesis of Amiral Technologies on the predictive maintenance as well as the technical implementation. The digitalization of the industry, described as a major challenge of the startup is approached as the many rewards and prospects for the future that can only be promising. Click here to read the article


At the beginning of June, it was Grenoble’s monthly magazine of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Présences which praised Amiral Technologies’ big success. Founded more than a year ago, the startup focuses on the industrialization of its technology, particularly in the fields of transport equipment, manufacturing and energy. Amiral intends to grow by targeting the number of 30 employees in the next 4 to 5 years and especially attract more international customers. Click here to read the article

Our startup is also mentioned in the newspaper n° 293 dated June 7th by Green News Techno, a journal specialized in environmental and energy transition technologies. They were present at Forum 5i and interviewed Katia Hilal. Click here to read the article


Finally, Amiral Technologies is honored to appear in the article Big Trends in the “Hyperconnected World of Tomorrow” category by HelloTomorrow. The famous organization sees in Amiral’s project a big technological potential to solve the industrial challenges of the future. Click here to read the article


Hannover Messe 2019 event recap with Amiral Technologies

The CEO Katia Hilal with Agnès Pannier-Runacher the State Secretary to the French Minister of Economy

From 1st to 5th April 2019 was held in Hannover, Germany, the largest industrial event in Europe and one of the largest in the world: the Hannover Messe.

This meeting brings together each year more than 200 000 visitors with 40% coming from abroad and this year has brought 6500 exhibitors from all over the world.

Between automation, robotization, artificial intelligence, IDO but also predictive maintenance, innovations are many and the organizers recently said the event was a big success : Read the article to find out more

In partnership with Business France, Amiral Technologies was present on the French pavilion, along with other startups and French companies.

Our innovation in Automatic Feature Generation for time series and its predictive maintenance applications has been presented. It represents today a major solution at the disposal of  industrial equipment providers to reduce maintenance costs, increase equipment aup-time and offer value added services to their customers.

During the event, Katia Hilal, CEO and co-founder received many international delegation. In this video, she answers questions of the HUB Institute about her startup and about the industry overall (in French): Click here to watch the video 

HUB Institute Interview

The French Fab also went to meet her and asked questions about the reason why Amiral Technologies decided to be at the event in Hanover as well as her opinion of the French Industry : Click here to watch the video

Katia Hilal for French Lab

More information about the event here


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