You are currently viewing SATT Linksium with Amiral Technologies at Viva Tech 2019

During the VivaTech 2019 event, Amiral Technologies received a visit from their partner : the SATT Linksium.

Indeed, the SATT Network is an association that enhances the visibility and effectiveness of SATTs, including SATT Linksium, which aims to translate the discoveries and skills of public research into concrete applications and meet the needs of businesses.

This transfer of technology from the public to the private sector is done through the filing of patents, proof-of-concept operations or the creation of start-ups such as Amiral Technologies.

The SATT Linksium who accompanied the transfer of the CNRS predictive maintenance technology to the private sector until the creation of Amiral Technologies came to ask some questions to Katia Hilal, CEO and co-founder of the startup: Click here to watch 

Katia Hilal Interview for SATT Linksium

More information about SATT Linksium here.