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Achères, 1st octobre 2018

For 25 years, EMC has offered its solutions to support customers in the Automotive sector across their R&D processes. In an initiative to collaborate with the start-up ecosystem, EMC has developed plans to host, mature and grow innovative projects in the domain of energy optimisation for transportations. Acting as an entry point to the industry, EMC seals a first partnership with Amiral Technologies, a start-up that specialises in Artificial Intelligence-based solutions for industrial predictive maintenance (prediction of defects, aging and remaining useful life). Amiral Technologies will have access to EMC’s know-how to validate its predictive maintenance software solutions in the automotive sector.

Amiral Technologies and EMC will both be present at CES Unveiled Paris, Wednesday 3 October 2018.

Amiral Technologies, an unexpected innovation

Based on several years of research in Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Control at the French National Research Center Centre National de Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Amiral Technologies’ aims at revolutionizing the exploitation of critical, complex and high value-added data in the industrial sector. At the heart of its innovation lies an algorithm that automatically extracts State of Health indicators from time series of any nature. This innovation allows offering performant predictive models that rapidly adapt to the specificities of the industrial equipment.

EMC will offer support to the start-up on both the technical and strategic aspects including access to its expert engineers and technicians as well as its testbeds. The objective of this collaboration is to offer innovative solutions that have benefitted from an industrial validation of maturity and stability.

EMC imagines tomorrow’s powertrain and embedded systems

EMC offers agile and globalised services to help customers throughout their R&D process for building innovative and sustainable mobility solutions that take energetic transition needs into account. Its activities include tests execution, testbeds design and engineering consulting services. With the deep conviction that tomorrow’s mobility will not rely on a single technical solution nor on a single energy source, EMC believes in a multi-faced mobility where motors will self-adapt to the typology of the road: urban, suburban and long distance.

About d’EMC

Headed by Olivier Crastre, EMC has been offering solutions for 25 years to support mobility manufacturers throughout their research and development processes. Complementary and plural, its know-how allows the development of innovative embedded systems and propulsion systems that respect the energy transition. 100% independent, EMC develops its activities around three complementary axes with more than 200 employees: engineering, test execution and test bench design. Every day, the company works alongside the major mobility players from the automotive, aeronautics, defence and agricultural machinery sectors.

About d’Amiral Technologies

Amiral Technologies specialises in Artificial Intelligence solutions for industrial Predictive Maintenance: Prediction of defects, aging, Remaining Useful Life.
Its unique innovation in Automatic Feature Generation allows extraction of highly discriminant indicators from time-based and transitional signals (electric signal, temperature, humidity, vibration, …) to generate performant prediction models. Its innovative supervised and unsupervised learning methods combined with the generated features allow quick adaptation of the predictive models to the equipment’s specificities.
Amiral Technologies is winner of the 2018 Digital Industry Program (organised by General Electric and NUMA) and finalist of the AI Paris Region challenge and of the Digital Industry Award (organized by ATOS and Siemens). The startup is currently incubated at SATT Linksium Grenoble Alpes and accelerated at Station F in Paris.

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