You are currently viewing Sébastien Le Gall joins Amiral Technologies as the new CTO

We are pleased to welcome Sébastien Le Gall who joins Admiral Technologies’ troops as Chief Technical Officer.

Specialist in Research and Development in Artificial Intelligence and in the Industrialization of B2B software, Sébastien will lead the technological strategy, innovation, development and industrialization of the solution to satisfy the requirements of our industrial customers.

In his role, Sébastien is supported by Mazen Alamir, research director at the CNRS, scientific advisor and inventor of the technology of our startup.

Sébastien has over ten years of research and development in artificial intelligence, including machine learning and deep learning. After having created facial recognition research center, he took the lead of the ID3 biometrics R&D team and participated in the internationalization of his products. He also acquired an experience in software development with the French Army at Masa Groupe.

Sébastien Le Gall during VivaTech 2019 event

Graduated from the Insa Rennes in 2008, Sébastien validates his training with a double degree in research in the field of imaging at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland.

Passionate about algorithms and new technologies, wishing to launch new challenges, and convinced by the power of innovation brought by Amiral Technologies, he is deeply committed to the entrepreneurial adventure and joins our team.

We wish him a warm welcome and the best with Amiral Technologies !