How Industry 4.0 is changing the face of manufacturing

Industry 4.0: an industrial paradigm shift

Over the past decade, the industry has embraced intelligent, interconnected tools. These changes were necessary to keep up with a fast-changing world.

Industry 4.0: disrupting traditional industrial models

The concept of Industry 4.0 refers to the integration of advanced technologies, such as automation, real-time data analysis, the Internet of Things (IoT), the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or the cloud, into industrial production processes. Industry 4.0 aims to create more efficient, flexible and intelligent production environments by enabling real-time communication and coordination between all elements of the production chain.

Industry 4.0 has had a significant impact on many industrial sectors, particularly in manufacturing, automotive and aeronautics, and also created new job opportunities in engineering, robotics and data analysis.

Who are the players in Industry 4.0?

On a macro level, the major players in Industry 4.0 are the industrial companies themselves. They contribute to improving the industry by creating a competitive framework between companies. In Germany, the instigator of this fourth revolution, industry holds a major place in the GDP. As for French industries, they are increasingly taking the step of industrial transformation. In order to achieve this, it is now necessary to become collectively aware of how important it is to integrate advanced tools in factories.

At the micro level, maintenance managers are the ones putting Industry 4.0 theories into practice. Their job is to modernize the production fleet with the tools made available by Industry 4.0. In the case of a predictive maintenance plan, the maintenance manager is responsible for intervening on assets identified by the software as showing defects.

The power of smart objects

A successful maintenance strategy in the age of Industry 4.0 is necessarily supported by connected objects. Sensors play a major role in transmitting information to the IIoT networks, and enable priorities to be set in terms of interventions by business experts.

To remain competitive in this context, all factories need to equip themselves with connected objects.

The importance of georobotics

Just as sensors have made life easier for maintenance operators, collaborative robots, also known as “cobots”, have become indispensable, especially in manufacturing industries. As their name suggests, their role is to collaborate with the human workforce, helping them with tasks deemed too dangerous, too difficult or too repetitive.

For those unfamiliar with Industry 4.0, the use of georobotics legitimately raises questions about the disappearance of certain jobs. Let’s get the facts straight: georobotics aims to cooperate with man, not to replace him. Moreover, new professions focused on digital data analysis and security are developing across all industries. 

Predictive maintenance, leader of the 4th industrial revolution

The needs of industrial companies are increasing as a result of Industry 4.0 and societal challenges. After a decade of development, Amiral Technologies is bringing its DiagFit project to fruition, with a view to meeting these numerous demands, which are crucial to industrial progress.

DiagFit is a predictive maintenance software designed in blind mode using machine learning algorithms. It rapidly detects anomalies that indicate a deviation from the equipment’s healthy operating mode. By making the appropriate adjustments, maintenance teams not only help increase the availability of their assets, but also their lifespan, thereby doing society a favor as it faces up to far-reaching environmental challenges.

Industry 4.0 has not produced an industrial sector in its own right, but has helped to enrich production systems by instituting significant changes in the way maintenance, data processing and collaboration with autonomous tools are approached. 

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